Automate Udemy course downloads

Automate Udemy course downloads

Udemy as we know is an online learning provider with quality video courses on vast verticals including programming, marketing, data science etc.

I've been using this learning portal for a long time and have been recently looking at ways to download personally paid video courses for offline viewing.

While Udemy does provide options to download the videos on mobile it's a chore copying the same onto the desktop/laptop where I prefer watching them. Considering this, the plan was to find an automated way of downloading the videos online or build a script to achieve the same.

It seems there is already a python package available to do this job. I'll provide the steps here so that you can use the same for your use.

Install Python on your machine

Download the latest version from here. At the time of writing this post, the latest version was 3.6.4

Install the python module youtube_dl

You may install this using ...

python -m pip install youtube-dl

Download course videos

We'll now use the installed module youtube_dl to download the course videos ...

python -m youtube_dl -u <udemy username> -p <udemy password><URL of course content page>

The URL of the course content page means, go to the udemy course you need to download in your browser and click on the Course-Content tab. Copy the URL from the address bar.

This will download all the videos onto disk.

Hope this helps!!