Web design templates for your website

Web design templates for your website

These days if you are looking for some web design templates for your websites, there are so many options that you'll find online.
Gone are the days when one would have to consult a web designer for these.
Of course, you might still want to consult one for professional projects, however for all other cases as long as you have a basic familiarity with HTML, CSS and Javascript you should be able to find your way through with some effort.
I've been recently working on a side project of mine, whereby I wanted to use some pre-designed web design templates.
After searching around a bit on Google I found the following ones worth sharing...

  • HTML5 templates

    • These have a nice set of basic HTML5 templates

    • The only criterion being you need to include a link to their website in the footer of your website (where you use these templates)

  • Free bootstrap themes

    • If you are looking for bootstrap-based themes, there are some interesting ones on this site.
  • Premium bootstrap themes

    • These are mostly paid ones, but in many cases, the professional themes that you get in return are well worth it.

While there are many more such sites available, these are good enough to start with.
I'll update the above list if I come across any more such interesting links.
If you have some interesting links or suggestions do drop by a comment.